Executive Branch

The ASUU Executive Branch consists of the elected officials of ASUU in addition to their appointed executive cabinet. The elected officials consist of the President, Vice President of University Relations, and Vice President of Student Relations. Their appointed Executive Cabinet are responsible for a range of boards and committees. The executive branch is responsible for working with the student body to accurately represent and provide support for all students of the University.

Student Body President
and Vice Presidents

The President and Vice President are elected on a joint ticket each spring by the University at-large for a one year term. All other executive positions are appointed by the Presidency, by and with the approval of the Senate, and serve for no more than one year.From Left to Right: Gabe Martinez, Anna Barnes, and Latifa Yaqoobi

Student Body President 2018-2019

Anna Barnes

Vice President of University Relations 2018-2019

Latifa Yaquoobi

Vice President of Student Relations 2018-2019

Gabe Martinez